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Merino Lifetime Productivity Reports

The Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) project is a partnership between Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA) that aims to comprehensively explore lifetime relationships between wool production, carcase performance and fertility. For modern Merino selection systems to be successful we need to understand and accommodate the lifetime relationships between all these production elements - and there are current data gaps. The MLP project is set to fill these gaps through increasing our understanding of the genetics of the modern Merino sheep over its lifetime, across different locations and genotypes.

Five standard sire evaluation sites will join via AI for two years and retain their ewe progeny for annual natural mating, classing and lifetime assessment. The sites will initially operate like a standard sire evaluation site - following the rigorous and independently assessed measured and visual assessment protocols. At the conclusion of the standard sire evaluation (once progeny is 18-24 months of age) AWI will support the ongoing measurement and visual classing of ewe progeny through 4-5 joinings and annual shearings. Note that all ewe progeny are retained and culling is limited to welfare purposes only. The number of ewes AI'd to each sire is increased to 90 ewes to ensure that there will be sufficient ewe progeny numbers per sire throughout life. The broader aims of the project are available at www.wool.com/MLP

Download MLP Reports

2015 Elders Balmoral Ewe Drop Post Weaning Assessment - MLP PDF File (647kb)
2015 Elders Balmoral Drop Yearling Assessment - MLP PDF File (2.4mb)
2015 Elders Balmoral Drop Post Weaning, Yearling and Adult Assessment - MLP PDF File (358kb)
2016 Pingelly Drop Post Weaning Assessment - MLP PDF File (355kb)
2016 Elders Balmoral Drop Post Weaning Assessment - MLP PDF File (754kb)
2016 MerinoLink Drop Yearling Assessment - MLP PDF File (2.5mb)

Download MLP Updates

2017 Elders Balmoral MLP Pregnancy Scanning Results PDF File (108kb)