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Measured Traits
Post weaning greasy fleece weight (%) (PGFW)
Yearling greasy fleece weight (%) (YGFW)
Hogget greasy fleece weight (%) (HGFW)
Adult greasy fleece weight (%) (AGFW)
Post weaning clean fleece weight (%) (PCFW)
Yearling clean fleece weight (%) (YCFW)
Hogget clean fleece weight (%) (HCFW)
Adult clean fleece weight (%) (ACFW)
Post weaning fibre diameter (micron) (PFD)
Yearling fibre diameter (micron) (YFD)
Hogget fibre diameter (micron) (HFD)
Adult fibre diameter (micron) (AFD)
Post weaning fibre diameter CV (%) (PDCV)
Yearling fibre diameter CV (%) (YDCV)
Hogget fibre diameter CV (%) (HDCV)
Adult fibre diameter CV (%) (ADCV)
Post weaning staple strength (N/Ktex) (PSS)
Yearling staple strength (N/Ktex) (YSS)
Hogget staple strength (N/Ktex) (HSS)
Adult staple strength (N/Ktex) (ASS)
Post weaning staple length (mm) (PSL)
Yearling staple length (mm) (YSL)
Hogget staple length (mm) (HSL)
Adult staple length (mm) (ASL)
Post weaning fibre curvature (degrees) (PCUR)
Yearling fibre curvature (degrees) (YCUR)
Hogget fibre curvature (degrees) (HCUR)
Adult fibre curvature (degrees) (ACUR)
Weaning weight (Kg) (WWT)
Post weaning weight (Kg) (PWT)
Yearling weight (Kg) (YWT)
Hogget weight (Kg) (HWT)
Adult weight (Kg) (AWT)
Weaning worm egg count (%) (WWEC)
Post weaning worm egg count (%) (PWEC)
Yearling worm egg count (%) (YWEC)
Hogget worm egg count (%) (HWEC)
Post weaning GR fat depth (mm) (PFAT)
Yearling GR fat depth (mm) (YFAT)
Hogget GR fat depth (mm) (HFAT)
Post weaning eye muscle depth (mm) (PEMD)
Yearling eye muscle depth (mm) (YEMD)
Hogget eye muscle depth (mm) (HEMD)
Number of lambs born (%) (NLB)
Number of lambs weaned (%) (NLW)
Carcass weight (kg) (CWT)
Carcass GR fat depth (mm) (CFAT)
Carcass C-site fat depth (mm) (CCFAT)
Carcass eye muscle depth (mm) (CEMD)
Carcass dressing % (DRESS)
Carcass lean meat yield % (LMY)
Carcass intramuscular fat (%) (IMF)
Carcass shear force (N) (SF5)
Classer Traits
Yearling classer tops (%) (YTOPS)
Adult classer tops (%) (ATOPS)
Yearling classer culls (%) (YCULLS)
Adult classer culls (%) (ACULLS)
Early breech wrinkle (score) (EBWR)
Early breech cover (score) (EBCOV)
Late dag (score) (LDAG)
Late wool colour (score) (LCOL)
Late fleece rot (score) (LFROT)
Late wool character (score) (LCHAR)
Late staple weathering (score) (LWTH)
Conformation comments (BODYCONF)
Wool quality comments (WOOLQUAL)