The Dohne sire evaluation trial is a collaboration of the Australian Dohne Breeders Association, local breeders, and industry representatives.


The 2021 drop is generously hosted by Coonong Station located in the Riverina near Urana NSW.

Breeding Objective

Coonong Dohne Merino ewes must be a true dual purpose sheep. Robust, easy care, fertile and maternal whilst producing a high quality fine (20.6 micron AFD) merino fleece of 6 kg. Ewes should be moderate in frame score and have a Standard Reference Weight (SRW is CS 3 DRY, fasted fleece free mature ewe) of ~65 Kg. Ewe reproduction rates of 110% lambs weaned are regularly achieved. Ewes carry condition score effortlessly as an energy reserve for drought and lactation. The ewes make exceptional Dual Purpose dams producing finished lambs suitable for the domestic or export market.

Coonong Dohne Merinos need to be easy care and capable of handling the extreme environmental conditions found on the Riverina Plains. The low input grazing enterprise requires the ewes to be resilient & withstand dry / drought conditions, extreme rainfall events, fly pressure and grass seed whilst performing in large mobs with minimal management interventions.

Typically, the ewe has sound structure, is clean on the points, are non-mulesed and free of breech & body wrinkle, with stylish bright white soft handling wool.

Site Contacts

Donald Mills
Site Chair/AMSEA Representative
Jim Meckiff
Site Coordinator

Site Reports

Evaluation Sires

  • Anderson Poll, 160729
  • Calga, 173301 (Dohne)
  • Chirniminup Dohne, 171069
  • Glen Holme, 141077 (Dohne)
  • Glen Holme, 172565 (Dohne)
  • Glenaroua, 152131 (Dohne)
  • Harewood, 173019 (Dohne)
  • Harold Park North, 170116 (Dohne)
  • Kardinia, 181917 (Dohne)
  • Kintail Park, 132345 (Dohne)
  • Kintail Park, 171478 (Dohne)
  • Macquarie Dohne, 162966
  • Mumblebone, 130850
  • Stirling Dohne, 180040
  • Ulooloo Dohne, 170164