There are 3 types of reports presented on this website;

- Merino Superior Sires (MSS) Reports
- Site Reports
- Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) Project Reports.

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Merino Superior Sires (MSS) Reports

Merino Superior Sires is an annual publication reporting the results of sires across all Merino Sire Evaluation sites. AMSEA collate and publish the results each year. The report has been downloaded over 3000 times in the last year and 2000 hard copies were distributed. Sire results published in Merino Superior Sires include Top 50 sire rankings for Indexes, as well as ASBVs for wool and visual classing results, along with carcase and breech traits.

The list below gives links to the most recent year’s Merino Superior Sires and the subsections from this publication.

Site Reports

Each site reports on their entered sires after each significant assessment (for example shearing and/or carcase measurements). Results presented in the Site Reports include adjusted sire means, within-site and with-in flock breeding values and visual classing results.

To access Site Reports go to the Sites page. Select the site of interest, you will be directed to that Site’s individual page and there you will find a list of recent reports and a link to older reports.

Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) Project Reports

These reports are specific to sites in the MLP Project. The MLP reports include a diverse range of results including raw data, adjusted sire means and within-site and within-flock breeding values for both wool and carcase traits as well as visual classing results.