The Merino Lifetime Productivity Project


Pingelly is one of five Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) sites that are evaluating lifetime productivity of Merino ewes from different genetic sources. Murdoch University manages the Pingelly MLP project along with The Federation of Performance Sheep Breeders WA, and it is hosted by the University of Western Australia on their Ridgefield research station.


“Ridgefield” is a 1600ha mixed enterprise farm owned and operated by The University of Western Australia. The farm is located 160 km SE of Perth, near Pingelly in The Upper Great Southern region of WA. The farm is in a Mediterranean climate with an annual rainfall of 400-425mm.

Breeding Objective

The sheep to be easy care based on/because of good conformation and constitution. Medium to large frame. Bright white stylish wool free from colour and water faults. Wool cut to be sufficient to balance wool production with body size to ensure both add real value to the bottom line.

Site Contacts

Brett Jones
Site Chair/AMSEA Representative
Bronwyn Clarke
Site Manager

Site Reports

Evaluation Sires

  • Anderson Poll, 140474
  • Barloo Poll, 140027 (Eureka)
  • Billandri Poll, 151280
  • Coromandel Poll, 130660
  • Cranmore, 132051
  • Edale, 10Z266K
  • Ingle Poll, 150087
  • Mianelup Poll, M00540 (Expo)
  • Moojepin, 120652
  • Moorundie Poll, NE73
  • Neearra Poll, 110264
  • Rangeview Poll, 5-680
  • Trigger Vale Poll, 140477
  • West Plains Poll, 110004 (Mercenary)
  • Woodyarrup, 150329