The Federation of Performance Sheep Breeders WA runs the Yardstick Sire Evaluation site. Yardstick sire evaluation trials commenced in 1993. The Pingelly MLP site is also run under the Yardstick banner.

These evaluations have taken place at Romilly Hills, Dale River WA (1993-2005 drop) and the Great Southern Agricultural Research Institute (GSARI), Department of Agriculture and Food, Katanning (2006-2011 drop). Staff of the Mount Barker Research Facility and the Katanning Research Facility provide significant assistance in the management of the trial.


Since 1993 trials have taken place in various locations across southern Western Australia. It is currently located at the Department of Agriculture and Food WA’s Katanning Research Facility.

Breeding Objective

The sheep are to be well grown and structurally sound. There needs to be a balance between wool and body size in order to provide the typical dual purpose West Australian Merino type. Typically, when run commercially it will be expected that the body weight will be 10 times the greasy fleece weight. Visually, the wool should be of medium length, of attractive crimp, bright and white, uniform over the body and with no evidence of fleece rot. Head and hock cover is of little importance.

Site Contacts

Bill Sandilands
Site Chair/AMSEA Representative
Bob Hall
Site Coordinator

Site Reports

Evaluation Sires

  • Belmont Park Poll, 150271
  • Billandri Poll, 130641
  • Billandri Poll, 150800
  • Boolading blues Poll, 140735
  • Borondi Poll, 160201
  • Coromandel Poll, 150078
  • Cranmore Park, 160006
  • Grindon, 150081
  • Hiview, 160002
  • Merinotech WA Poll, 122121
  • Wattle Dale Poll, 162076
  • Wattle Dale, 140754
  • Anderson Poll, 110330
  • AWI Breech Strike, 112817
  • Billandri Poll, 121391
  • Billandri Poll, 130087
  • Boolading Blues Poll, 110303
  • Borondi Poll, 130322
  • Centre Plus WA Poll, 338205
  • Coromandel Poll, 07E007
  • Cranmore Poll, 112771
  • Edale, 10Z66K
  • Hazeldean, 11.3542 (Hugh)
  • Merinotech WA Poll, 122281
  • Merinotech WA Poll, 95.5403