New England 2020 Online Field Day

Welcome to the New England MLP 2020 online field day. The New England MLP site is hosted by CSIRO at Uralla, NSW and is a partnership between CSIRO, the New England Merino Sire Evaluation Association, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA).

Browse through the field day at your convenience. Provided are video inspections of the MLP ewes in their sire groups, wool / carcase and reproduction results presented for the sire groups, plus plenty of background information about the site, CSIRO’s related research and the MLP project.

*Note: the presented reports and videos are designed to be used in their entirety to fully understand their context. If you have any queries please send the MLP Team an email using the form below.

Inspect the MLP Sire Groups

There are 1300+ MLP ewes from the 2017 and 2018 drops at the New England site. These ewes are the result of AI programs using 15 sire joinings in each year drop.

The MLP ewes are being assessed across their lifetime for wool, carcase and reproduction. Both measured and classed results are collected and reported in sire groups.

The 2017 drop ewes presented have had their third wool assessment and are in the middle of their second reproduction cycle.

The 2018 drop have had their second wool assessment and are in their maiden reproduction cycle.

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Background & Scope

Related CSIRO Research in the New England

Here is a series of presentations of associated research undertaken by the team at 'Chiswick'. Projects featured in these presentations are co-funded by AWI & CSIRO.

Young sheep dentition
Birth weight & mortality
Neonatal mortality - MLP F2s*
Fitness to yearling age
Wether resilience project
*Neonatal mortality - MLP F2s.
Conclusion should note "field observations in 2017 & 2018 are approximately 75% accurate".

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